The Honest Tease?

Imagine an ironic love machine. In private, I tease you. I mean all the off color things I say about you. And, depending upon the kind of person you are, you love every word, not because they are complimentary (often times they aren’t and when they are- completely double edged and ambiguous) but because I couldn’t have made these contentious remarks at all if I wasn’t completely and utterly fascinated by you. And ‘fascination,’ you might come to realize, is a far purer ante-cedent to affection than simple ‘approval’ or ‘agreement.’

Who the HONEST TEASE be?

1. One queer-ass motherfucker with a penchant for cocaine, Kierkegaard, comic books and Coko. A “pomo-homo”, if you will.  


2. The by-product of a potentially career-smashing, late night game of ‘truth or dare’ between a drunk Catharine Mackinnon and ‘shrooming Michel Foucault, I have lived a life inbetween. . . . . . . . .

3. Inscrutable and undependable, I understand how I might not seem worth the trouble; that I might frustrate more than effectuate, but there has to be something to say for someone sincere if not always articulate and kind even if offensive. . . right?

4. I wake up to Pharrel and the Neptunes. Usually a Snoop Dogg or Kelis collabo. By mid afternoon, I have gone electronic- hard progressive house from when I used to wear UFOs and Voltron shirts to the Detroit Ghetto tech I venture to Brooklyn to hear on the weekends (that one time)… Interspersed I make sure to listen to some punchy or melodo-hypnotic-copulatory-siren song-RnB; habitually Coko and SWV, Missy, Beyonce or a combination thereof. When I work out I listen to Felix Da Housecat or Benny Bennasi. I slither around I-Tunes looking for remixes by them- Felix’s remix of Britney’s “Toxic” is a simple and unself conscious argument for the existence of Britney-style pop. It intrigues imaginations. I listen to Jagged Edge and 112 too. That is when I am in the mood for Jodeci… But not in the mood FOR Jodeci. Fans of RnB will understand.


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