The Honest Tease?

Imagine an ironic love machine. In private, I tease you. I mean all the off color things I say about you. And, depending upon the kind of person you are, you love every word, not because they are complimentary (often times they aren’t and when they are- completely double edged and ambiguous) but because I couldn’t have made these contentious remarks at all if I wasn’t completely and utterly fascinated by you. And ‘fascination,’ you might come to realize, is a far purer ante-cedent to affection than simple ‘approval’ or ‘agreement.’

I am changing everthing already.

Coincidence is the law of synchronicity. 

 Just yesterday, not a week and a half after I re-commit to this blog, a friend of mine who works in publishing made contact with me to suggest starting a blog as a method of launching my nascent academic career in literary studies. In his words, a tightly branded blog, with a clear theme, linked with like-minded blogs, would get me ‘involved in a conversation’ about an issue/field that I care about. This academic, career oriented blog, however, would have to be tighty focused in terms of subject matter (no stories about Grandma Arlene) and sport a professional tone. (No instant message transcripts where I use the word ‘tit’ . . . alot). So, this led me to the idea of producing not one but three, dinstinct, goal oriented blogs. . .

1. “The Honest Tease” would become the Sedaris-style confessional – where I tell funny stories, muse obnoxiously and wax hysterical about inconsequential stuff.

2. An academic blog with a focus on critical and cultural theory. I am thinking “From Zero to Theory” or “On The Shoulders of Giants” . . . Any suggestions?

3. And a nerd culture blog for my super-hero suff. This, of course, would have a lot of cultural theory involved. But, again, with a tighter focus on the Geoff Klock, Sequart, American Studies set. Name to be determined. “Crashed Carrier,” maybe? 

 Comments? Suggestions?


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